Aust Paper

Aust Paper Co.,Ltd The company has experienced staff, trained engineers and basic, dynamic and enthusiastic to produce paper products with modern technology and most advanced today. Our main products are Industrial Hygienic Paper, Toilet Paper, Wet Towel, … Hygienic Products, Quality Guaranteed and Environmentally Safe.

Always understand the customer

The company operates and develops according to the criterion of “best satisfying the needs of customers, ensuring the quality of products and services provided”, with a staff of enthusiastic, competent and experienced., Aust Paper Co.,Ltd is becoming a reputable company in the field of manufacturing and trading toilet paper and related items in the North of VietNam. Wanting to produce safe products for human needs,Aust Paper Co.,Ltd applies the strictest standards from the selection of raw materials to the packaging, storage and transportation of products. The success of the company is recorded through a series of contracts, projects have valuable and far-reaching influence on the practical life of the people.

With determination and endless efforts, Vietnam Australia has the foundation to believe in the success of the next big and stronger on the path of his career.


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