Great inventions of England: toilet paper and fried fish

Great inventions of England: toilet paper and fried fish

Not TV or jet engines, but toilet paper, custard cakes and new fish dishes are the prominent nominees for the title of Britain’s greatest inventions.

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Indianexpress said that all members of the British parliament had participated in the most important inventor nomination campaign in the history of the country, to serve the upcoming exhibition.

Accordingly, custard cakes, mashed potato sandwiches, fish fingers and SCA toilet paper are among the greatest inventions in the UK.

“This is a classic British invention,” said John Stevenson, representing Carlisle, who nominated Custard Cake.

“I’m proud of the fish fingers produced by my local company,” said congressman Austin Mitchell.

Guy Opperman nominated one of the five famous Sanitary Paper Company SCA. “Local people I long queue to become employees of the plant,” he said.

In addition, Minister of Justice Dominic Grieve, representative of Beaconsfield, proposed the launching seat of Martin Baker – the rescue system for fighter pilots. “Martin-Baker’s invention saved more than 7,350 lives.”

The nomination and exhibition campaign commemorates Britain’s great inventions, according to the idea of ​​British Business Secretary Vince Cable. “We export these items to every corner of the world,” Cable said.

“I hope the legendary British exhibition will be more wonderful than anything else,” said Congressman Chris White, campaign chairman.

According to Vnexpress.

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